Reducing Heating Costs with
  Dependable Stoves and Fuel

Made in the USA "Reducing Heating Costs with Dependable Stoves and Fuel"
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Wood Pellet Insert Stoves
Installed into an existing fireplace, a Pellet Insert allows you to burn cost-effective, easy-to-handle pellets! A Pellet Insert offers self-feeding technology and maximum burn times up to 33 hours, automatic ignition and fingertip heat control. Efficient, reliable and very convenient.
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Wood Insert Stoves
Installed into an existing fireplace, Wood Inserts continue to deliver high safety standards and quality performance. Wood Stoves will perform year after year with long burn times, clean glass and excellent heat output.
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Corn Insert Stoves
These corn burning heating stoves are designed to use an existing fireplace, but DO NOT require a fireplace. They may be used as a higher output, stand alone heater. These CornGlo Stoves are the perfect heating system for all types of homes, from Mobiles to Mansions and Cabins to Castles! Installs in practically any room of your home.
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Gas Insert Stoves
Installed into an existing fireplace, Gas Inserts are very efficient and low maintenance (no cleaning necessary) since Gas is the cleanest of all fuels. With a huge choice of colors and styles, these powerful stoves will create a romantic warming flame at the flick of a switch.
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