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Made in the USA Simpson Dura-Vent Chimney System

Simpson Dura-Vent Each year Simpson Dura-Vent invests millions of dollars in machinery, tooling, manufacturing facilities, and world-classs manufacturing technology in order to provide unequaled quality and service. All of Simpson Dura-Vent's products are exclusively American made.

Simpson Dura-Vent fulfills your pellet, wood and corn chimney needs.

PelletVent Pro is a double-wall pellet chimney system designed to vent appliances fueled by both wood and corn pellets. PelletVent Pro us laser-welded and requires no gaskets or sealants. PelletVent Pro low temperature chimney is available in sizes 3" and 4", and is UL and ULC approved.

DuraFlex SS ensures safe and efficient venting of heating appliances, while protectng themasonry chimney from the damaging effects of flue product condensation. The DuraFlex SS is designed for use with wood-burning, wood pellet, and non-condensing gad, coal, and oil appliances. When used with the Simpson Dura-Vent Two-Ply Insulation Sleeve, it may be used for relining wood burning fireplace inserts and stoves to meet UL 1777 and ULC S635 standards with 0" clearance to masonry.